Frequently Asked Questions for Managed Hosting

Do you offer a trial on the cloud?

Yes, we provide hosted solutions for clients who are performing evaluations of AXIS on a free trial basis. Please contact us for more information about our trial options.

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Do you offer contractual flexibility and price protection?

Our usual contracts for fully hosted solutions are for 3 year terms and our pricing reflects the best value technology. We also offer other flexible options in terms of contract duration and pricing.

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Do you have a service level agreement for clients to review and sign on?

Yes, we do. Our service level agreement guarantees availability, addressing support levels, disaster recovery, backup services and contingencies for downtime. We work only with data centers that have an excellent established track record of reliability and security.

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Do you offer multitenancy?

All our hosted clients are provided with dedicated servers and network infrastructure without sharing resources. We guarantee security and reliability for all clients and their data on the GGY Cloud.

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What kind of disaster recovery plan do you have?

We establish a disaster recovery site in a completely independent location. We have regularly tested disaster recovery policies for our managed hosting clients. We support restoring synchronized data to a live site along with active directory synchronization, nightly backups and automated failover.

Additionally, we offer disaster recovery as an add-on option to support your main site. Please contact us for more details.

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Do you meet critical security and compliance requirements?

We rely on secure and remotely located data centers who meet the security and reliability expectations of major financial institutions. We comply with internationally recognized SSAE16 SOC 2 standards for our hosting services, and we are independently audited for compliance.

Please contact us for more details.

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Can I configure the solution to meet my needs?

We can help you design and provision servers and storage capacity to meet your current needs and future demands. If required, we can scale into a public cloud provider for increased capacity.

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Do you offer robust integration?

We developed tools to integrate with your company infrastructure through secure data uploads and downloads to the GGY Cloud. If required, we can provide higher capacity dedicated connections between sites.

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