GridLink Cloud

GridLink Cloud

A convenient, web-based facility for uploading
AXIS batch job requests to our secure GridLink managed servers.

Core Features And Benefits

GGY GridLink offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage the processor farms used in the distributed processing of AXIS batch calculation runs. GGY GridLink Cloud supplements your current infrastructure when additional server farm capacity is needed. Uploaded jobs are run on powerful GridLink managed servers within our secure datacenter. Submit batch jobs to a GridLink Cloud directly from your own AXIS environment, monitor job progress and then download results through GGY’s secure web interface using our utilities.

For clients who need a large amount of temporary capacity, GGY also supports bursting into public cloud environments. Burstable clouds can be set up and torn down in an automated fashion across multiple cloud providers. Once configured, use of the public cloud is seamless to the user and is accessed via the same tools as the local environment. Current GGY clients have successfully run AXIS in public clouds in excess of 10,000 cores.

Flexible engagement options are listed below:

1. Guaranteed, private server farm capacity under a fixed term agreement. This permanently expands your current infrastructure.

2. Reserved for scheduled runs. This guarantees the server cores needed will be available during the booked time period.

3. According to available capacity. This is the most flexible option, no long-term commitment required.

Expert GGY AXIS IT professionals will monitor farm performance and help assure reliable completion of submitted jobs.

How does it work?