Hosted Services

Hosted Services

The core offering of GGY Cloud Services is managed
dedicated hosting for AXIS modelling work.

Core Features And Benefits

GGY Cloud Services provides a dedicated hosted environment for all your AXIS needs, whether you are a mid-size actuarial shop or a major industry player with offices around the world. We design, provision and manage all aspects of the AXIS modelling infrastructure for you – both front- and back-end.

• Flexibility – the hosted solution can be supplemented by additional cores on demand, by GridLink deployment or by changing overall configuration as needs evolve

• Security – the physical infrastructure consists of servers and networking devices that are run on a dedicated, private subnet

• Regulatory Compliance - the managed solution supports model governance policies and procedures such as access control and role management, audit requirements, and traceability

We provision an effective hosted solution for you, based on your current requirements and expected performance targets. We use geographically distinct 3+ SSAE16 certified data centers, supporting a full set of production and disaster recovery options. As part of standard services, we offer configuration management, scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting services to help ensure fast and reliable operations.

You will leverage our expertise in setting up AXIS infrastructure to establish a secure and scalable AXIS processing environment. We are dedicated to doing it right for you.

How does it work?